DM's flying car, and the Space Hopper, DM's personal spacecraft. A mole, despite his avian name (which comes from his first appearance Agent 57: Initially, a master of disguise, Agent 57 later gained the ability to alter his own molecular structure to transform into any appearance he wished. This ability went temporarily out of control in one episode when he contracted a cold, causing him to involuntarily change shape whenever he sneezed. His original appearance was never shown, and as a result of changing his appearance so many times, he eventually forgot what it was. In the episode where "Agent 57" had sneezing fits (The Spy Who Stayed in with a Cold), Danger Mouse asked him if he could transform himself into his original appearance; Agent 57 obliged, and Danger Mouse looked down at the floorboard of the Mark III and was horrified by the sight (unseen by the audience). After gathering himself from the shock, Danger Mouse asked Agent 57 to please transform into something heavier; Agent 57 transformed into a hippo, and the excess weight dropped the Mark III.