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Arctic Circles is Episode 9 in Season 2 of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon TV show "Count Duckula" that was first debuted on ITV in the UK on 7th November 1989.


The Count moves the castle to the North Pole to get away from a heat wave. There, he moves into a huge igloo and hires a new butler. In order to get rid of the new butler and get his job back, Igor makes a deal with Von Goosewing; Duckula remains unharmed (as Von Goosewing was mislead to believe that Duckula is a penguin servant in disguise).

Backgrounds Music Bits[]

Voice Talents[]

  • David Jason as Count Duckula and staff members.
  • Jack May as Igor, Colonel Willoughby and staff members.
  • Brian Trueman as Nanny and staff members.
  • Jimmy Hibbert as Albert Penguin Jyves, Dr. Von Goosewing and staff members.
  • Barry Clayton as the Narrator.


  • Voices by David Jason, Jack May, Brian Trueman and Jimmy Hibbert.
  • Narrated by Barry Clayton.
  • Written by Brian Trueman.
  • Vocals by Doreen Edwards and Mike Harding.
  • Original Music by Mike Harding.
  • Designed by Chris Randall, Dan Whitworth, Margaret Riley,
    Paul Salmon, Vincent James, Andy Roper and Ed Williams.
  • Storyboard by Vincent James.
  • Layout by Ricardo Machuca, Miguel Angel Aisa, Manuel Almela, Jose Maria Zumel and Juan Antonio Rojo.
  • Animation by Stephen Thomas, Meryl Edge, Andy Wilson, Paul Greenall, Karen Heywood,
    Jennie Langley, Dave Livesey, Kay Widdowson, Claire Grey, Malcolm McGookin, Judy Pilsbury,
    Bob Sparks, Philip Morris, Denise Heywood, Mair Thomas, Alistair Fell, Joe McCaffrey, David Bowers,
    John Offord, Les Brooksbank, Mark Povey, Adrian Bell, Mike Eames and Richard Bazley.
  • Backgrounds by Beverly Bush, Barbara Alcock and Steve Hanson.
  • Backgrounds Supervised by John Geering.
  • Special Effects by Garry Owen, Murti Schofield, Roy Huckerby and Jackie Mitchell.
  • Camera by Frank Hardie, Wendy Senior, Peter Kidd and Mark Sutton.
  • Painting by Bev Phillips, Sue Halliwell, Stefania Giani, Lynn Hardie, Lesley White, Andrea Hough,
    Michelle Povey, Helen Michael, Craig Whittle, Yasodha Huckerby, Joan Jones, Gloria Vassiliou,
    Katie Nutter, Karl Scoble, Joyce Flowers, Laura Cosgrove, Sue Robson, Helen Smith and Marie Dembinski.
  • Painting Supervised by Lorraine Thomas.
  • Xerox by Tony McAleese, Andy McLauglin, Joan Simmons and Don Geering.
  • Line Test by Phil Atack.
  • Production Control by Chris Phillips, Bob Burrows, Simon White and Phil McMylor.
  • Edited by Nigel Rutter 
  • Assistant Editor: Stephen Perry.
  • Dubbing Mixer: Ted Spooner.
  • Animation Director: Jean Flynn.
  • Associate Producer: Chris Randall.
  • Executive Producer: John Hambley.
  • Produced by Mark Hall and Brian Cosgrove.
  • Directed by Chris Randall.
  • © Cosgrove Hall Productions 1988.

Copyright Gag[]

Despite this episode being broadcasted in 1989, the roman numerals in the copyright credit reads 'MCMLXXXVIII' as it dated in 1988.


  • Recording date: 17th October 1988.