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Christopher "Big Chris" is Silver Hatch race track's mechanic. He occasionally commentates and starts races. He lives in Rusty the caravan and looks after the race track and cars. Big Chris has a typically northern catchphrase, "If you bend it, you mend it!" (The US version, much less mellifluous, is "If you bend it, you fix it!") Big Chris is portrayed as being very messy and absent-minded, often "losing" objects directly in his line of sight, and eternally surprised by his own walkie-talkie. While working on the cars, he often practices his

Big Chris

karaoke with an out-of-tune version of a song called "Motor Man" and is the son of Big Christine. Comedian Peter Kay voices him in the UK dub, while in the US dub, Kerry Shale voices him.

List of His Songs []

  • Motorman - Its the song Big Chris sings the most.
  • I Watch The Line - Big Chris sings this occasionally.
  • Follow Your Dreams - Sung in stars n cars.