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Bunkey is the fraudulent Monkey, from the circus He pretends he is half of monkey and a half a rabbit He once out by found Mr. Plod. The circus had enough of his trouble making ways, So they threw him out of their caravan. When he meets Noddy, Bumpy Dog and Tessie Bear, He lied that he was an animal hybrid Monkey and rabbit and that he fell out of the circus caravan. In the 1970's he was voiced by Richard Briers and was called Marvel Monkey. In Noddy's Toyland Adventures he was voiced by Jimmy Hibbert. The circus caravans never appeared in Noddy Toyland Adventures, it is only mentioned in this episode. He only appeared in Noddy's New Friend.

Television series[]

Noddy's Toyland Adventures[]

  1. Noddy's New Friend


Bunkeys character design resembled Martha Monkey and Bert Monkey.

It is unknown what his real name is as he is real only a monkey.