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But Me No Butlers is the sixteenth episode in the second season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon TV show "Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime" that was first broadcasted on ITV in the UK on 24th December 1992.


After cutting the guy ropes on their stolen hot-air balloon (with Interpol), crash-landing on a police car and getting their van carried away by an airplane, the brothers again pose as a butler and maid (Hugo again going under the name "Hugette") for Ernst Underfelt; after Hugo breaks the dishwasher, Victor sends for M. Meccaneaux to fix it (and Underfelt's car). Underfelt then orders Hugo to look after his mouse, Damien, while he is attending an Assassins Anonymous meeting, but he accidentally puts him in the dishwasher (which M. Meccaneaux used car parts to repair, so it starts chasing him around the kitchen) - and when Underfelt returns from his meeting coloured white as a result of dishwasher parts being used to repair his car, he sends both brothers to the Grand Canyon. 

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  • Recording Date: 27th January 1992.
  • Brian Trueman also does not star in this episode, and it is the only Victor and Hugo episode that does not start with a radio or television report about the brothers' most recent criminal act.