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Castle Duckula

Castle Duckula

Castle Duckula is the main location in the tv series Count Duckula

It has been the ancestrial home of the Duckula family for thousands of years.

Count Duckula lives there with Igor (his butler) and Nanny (his housekeeper). He hates the gloomy, dusty and scary looking atmosphere but Igor enjoys it. Duckula has tried to redecorate it, show to the world as a historical landmark and even tried to sell it but all these attempts failed.

It is the tallest building in Transylvania and has many towers including bedrooms, a sitting room, kitchen and a torture chamber (Igor's favourite part) It also has a a huge set of stairs leading from the entrance to the upstairs and a large hall filled pictures of Duckula's ancestors.

Duckula sleeps in his ordinary four poster bed in his bedroom which disappoints Igor who thinks he should sleep in the basement in his coffin like his ancestors did.

The Crow Brothers often tried to break in and burgle the castle but it always went wrong . They even took the castle apart brick by brick and sold it to an american tourist in one episode, but fortunately it failed.

Duckula uses his castle to transport to various locations around the world such as Egypt and London by saying certain rhyming words into his special coffin making it disappear.

The clock that hangs on the wall in the castle is an important part of travelling mechanism which Duckula found out after he gave it to someone as a present and had to get it back.

The castle sometimes has it's drawbacks, it occasionally takes Duckula to the wrong place. But the most annoying is when it returns back to Transylvania at Dawn Eastern Transylvanian Standard Time mostly when Duckula has nearly accomplised his goal or with someone else and even occasionally without them.

To Duckula it seems his castle is both a blessing and a curse.

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