The Chief Weasel AKA Bill is the main antagonist in the film and TV series of "The Wind In The Willows", he is voiced by David Jason.

The FilmEdit

He is the leader of a rogue band of weasels living in the Wild Wood, and thus inspires fear amongst the local river-bankers. When Mole ventures into the Wild Wood, the weasels and their Chief spy on him menacingly, and scare Mole witless. Later, the weasels and their Chief forcefully invade Toad Hall when Toad himself is being impeded in prison. The Chief declares Toad Hall his and has the weasels do his bidding. However, Toad breaks out of prison and rejoins his friends. Badger decides that they must get the Hall back but Toad underestimates his own courage and tries to march up to the weasels and demand the Hall back but they shoot at him to get him running off. Toad therefore joins Badger, Rat and Mole in an expedition to get the Hall back for Toad and they break in through an underground tunnel when the Chief Weasel is having a feast with the weasels. Toad and the others jump out of a trapdoor right into the dining room and scare the weasels senseless, making it easy for them to drive the weasels out of the place. The Chief Weasel is beaten senseless by Toad and is presumably later arrested.

TV SeriesEdit

The Chief Weasel keeps thinking of ways to trick Toad into losing his fortune and occasionally steals from him or finds ways to cheat in competitions, but it always backfires, thanks to the clever thinking of Toad's friends. When things get tough occasionally he has to team up with the riverbankers, such as when an even more dangerous weasel was taking over.


Even though, the Chief Weasel is greedy, selfish, extremely evil and has a terrible temper especially when things don't go his way, he occasionally has a soft spot for helping out and was very grateful when Badger helped him out of a animal trap that he himself had set as a trap out of vengeance on him and has held him in his debt ever since. In the episode "The Rescue", his name is revealed to be Bill. He also has a brother called Bert who only appears in "Toad in Motion".

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