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  • Cici is a bright pink and purple stunt car with a number 3 painted on her front. She is an electric car and solar car and carries solar panels on her roof.


She has a flirtatious attitude and is always challenging Roary to "Catch me!" And even though Cici and Roary have had some fallouts, they still care for each other. Cici is French and has a high, squeaky French accent. From The 1997 Mitsubishi Mirage In Japanese Made Of Gran Turismo 4 Ps2

Voice Actor []

Maria Darling (UK/US)

Trivia []

    • Cici is called Zizzy on the US Dub.
    • Cici is the only racing car to not have a her accent de-emphazised in the US Dub.
    • She and Marsha are the first female characters to appear, Cici is the female car to appear and is the only female race car on Silver hatch Racetrack.