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Do-In Yourself is the seventeenth and final episode in the second season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon TV show "Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime" that was first debuted in the UK on ITV on 29th December 1992.


In a final attempt to pull off a great crime, the brothers order the Guide to Being a Master Criminal after reading an advertisement for it in the Behemoth newspaper; they then read in that same newspaper that Hawkeye Soames and Dr. Potson have been brought in to guard the jewel room at Osprey Jewellers during the exhibition of the Mardi Ruby, so make several attempts to steal it, but do not succeed until they build an "Easy-Assembly Vacuum-Grabber Crane" and use it to lift up the glass case around the diamond. However, Victor is caught by Soames and Potson (who initially suspected him of being a window cleaner) - and when Hugo comes downstairs, both brothers realise that the button of the vacuum-grabber crane upstairs is no longer being held, so the case drops back down on them.

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  • Recording Date: 28th January 1992.
  • "Osprey" is a pun on the real-life jewellery company Asprey.