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Doctor Von Goosewing
Doctor Von Goosewing

First Appearance

Count Duckula Episode: "Vampire Vacation"


Count Duckula (1988-1993) Recurring Villain

Voiced by

Jimmy Hibbert

Doctor Von Goosewing is the main antagonist of the TV series Count Duckula.


Not much is known about Goosewing's past, but it is mentioned in the episode "Dear Diary" that one of his ancestors killed one of Duckula's previous incarnations which could suggest that he came from a long line of Vampire Hunters. As Count Duckula's greatest enemy, He is a self appointed genius who mispronounces Vs as Ws and visa versa. He often tries several attempts to try and kill Duckula mostly with a stake shooting pistol or rifle. He refers to Duckula as "A Bloodsucking Willain", whom he believes to be a huge threat despite the fact that he is a vegetarian.

He has a blimp and a hot air balloon both with the initials "VG" as his modes of transportation and an assistant named Heinrich who is a slient character and never seen but Goosewing is shown talking to him.

Often his schemes backfire due to his own incompetence or Igor and Nanny getting in his way. But the more he fails, the more determined he is to eliminate Duckula forever.


Goosewing is a vain self appointed genius who never stops praising himself for his works.

Despite this though he is seen to be not very bright, one such time was when he was about to kill Duckula, but left his weapon behind and told his enemy to wait while he went back to fetch it.

He has a seething hatred for Count Duckula and will do just about anything to get rid of him even using other people to help him.

He is also shown to occasionly curse when his inventions go wrong and often blames Heinrich.

Episode Appearances[]

1st Series.[]

  • 01: No Sax Please We're Egyptian (Cameo).
  • 02: Vampire Vacation.
  • 03: One Stormy Night.
  • 05: Restoration Comedy.
  • 06: The Mutinous Penguins.
  • 07: Doctor Von Goosewing's Invisible Ray.
  • 09: All in a Fog.
  • 10: Castle Duckula Open to the Public.
  • 11: The Ghost of MacCastle MacDuckula.
  • 14: The Vampire Strikes Back.
  • 17: Dear Diary.
  • 18: Rent a Butler.
  • 22: Doctor Goosewing & Mr Duck.
  • 25: Duck and the Broccoli Stalk.
  • 26: A Family Reunion.

2nd Series.[]

  • 27: Ghostly Gold.
  • 28: Ducknapped.
  • 30: The Incredible Shrinking Duck.
  • 35: Arctic Circles.
  • 39: Beau Duckula.
  • 41: Amnesiac Duck.
  • 43: The Return of the Curse of the Secret of the Mummy's Tomb Meets Frankenduckula's Monster.
  • 45: Bad Luck Duck.

3rd Series.[]

  • 48: Unreal Estate.
  • 50: There are Werewolves at the Bottom of Our Garden.
  • 52: The Great Ducktective.
  • 55: A Christmas Quacker.
  • 57: OO Duck.

4th Series.[]

  • 59: Around the World in a Total Daze.
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