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Go-go, nitro boost!" -Drifter's Catchphrase

Drifter is a very hi-tech Drift racing car. Drifter is Japanese and is a hot hatch production streetcar. In line with his name, he can be observed to exhibit extreme oversteer handling characteristics, with his tail end swinging out wide on every corner. He speaks in a mock Japanese accent.


Appearance Edit[]

He has an on-board computer with a head-up display on his windscreen. Drifter has a fabulous dragon on his sides and also sports blue neon undertray lighting and he wears the number 6 on the top of his front windshield and back windshield. He is based on the 1998 Chrysler Viper GTS-R.

Personality Edit[]

Drifter is known for his serene, reserved personality. He rarely gets angry or upset, and when he does, it's to a less extreme degree than the others. Drifter is also the most docile car, rarely disobeying any orders.

Trivia Edit[]

  • Drifter is called Dragga on the US dub.
  • Before a race, Drifter likes to calm down by practicing his Tai Chi.
  • He has a rocket power reserve booster.