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Ernest Penfold

First Appearance

Danger Mouse Episode: "Rogue Robots"


Danger Mouse (1981-1992) Regular Danger Mouse (2015-present) Regular

Voiced by

Terry Scott (Original Series)
Kevin Eldon (Reboot)

Ernest Penfold is a character in the TV series Danger Mouse.


Penfold is Danger Mouse's trusty assistant. He is called "The Jigsaw" because every time he is faced with a problem he goes to pieces.

He is a anthropomorphised hamster who always wears glasses and a blue suit complete with a yellow tie with black stripes.

Penfold lives with Danger Mouse (who he calls "Chief") at their headquarters in London in a red Royal Mail Post box. He dislikes going on missions with DM and always makes excuses not to get involved. He especially hates going down the secret lift that goes down to the garage where their car (The Mark III) is kept.

He is sometimes used as a pawn for DM's enemies' schemes such as Greenback using his photographs to brainwash Penfold into an assassin and Dr Crumhorn who kidnapped him and put a lethal robot replica in his place.

His only relative mentioned in the series is his auntie who is always telling him off and refuses to believe that Danger Mouse is a secret agent.


Penfold is quite cowardly who never likes going on missions with DM. He often also misinterprets instructions, says the complete opposite of what DM says or talks just plain nonsense which ends up with Danger Mouse saying "Penfold, Shush."

Whenever he's in a dangerous situation he panics and says the following words "Oh Crumbs", "Oh Eck", "Oh Carrots", "Oh Crikey", "Oh Lumme" and "Oh Fiddle.".

Even though Penfold is selfish and cowardly, he occasionally saves the day and always sticks by DM, whatever the situation.

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