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Fifi and the Flowertots is a British stop-motion children's television series created by Keith Chapman and produced by Chapman Entertainment and Cosgrove Hall Films. The series originally aired on Five Nick Jr. CBBC and BBC Two in the United Kingdom. broadband broadcast the 3 little cats kids tv station

Fifi and the Flowertots
Genre Animated
Created by Keith Chapman
Presented by Jane Horrocks
Voices of Jane Horrocks

Tim Whitehall
Marc Silk
Maria Darling

Theme music composer Alan Coate

Kim Goody (vocals)

Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 121
Running time 29 mins
Production company(s) Cosgrove Hall Films

Chapman Entertainment

Distributor Target Entertainment[1]
Original network Channel 5

Nick Jr.


Picture format 16:9
Original release 2 May 2005 –

9 September 2010

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It features a group of flower-based characters and their adventures and activities through the garden. The title character and hostess, Fifi Forget-Me-Not, is voiced by Jane Horrocks, while the other characters are voiced by Maria Darling, Tim Whitehall, Marc Silk and John Thomson. This series is animated by Cosgrove Hall Films and produced by Chapman Entertainment. Creator Keith Chapman is also the originator of the Bob the Builder series.


  • Fifi Forget-Me-Not is the host of her and is the only character who appears in every episodes. voiced by Jane Horrocks
  • Aunt Tulip is Fifi's aunt. She likes to have tea parties and chats with the Flowertots. She lives in a pineapple house and has a pet grub named Grubby. He is very little, and often gets lost. Her catchphrase is "Sweet Potatoes!", Aunt Tulip is voiced by Tim Whitehall.
  • Buttercup is the sister of Daisy. She is selfish but funny She play with her sister Daisy and has a toy called Squeaks. Voiced by Joanna Ruiz.
  • Daisy is a Flowertot. She is little shy but fun She loves her toy called "Quack" Voiced by Janet James.
  • Poppy is Fifi’s friend who works at her market and is Voiced by Maria Darling.
  • Primrose is Fifi's best friend who hates getting dirty and messy and is Voiced by Jane Horrocks.
  • Violet is Fifi’s Friend who loves to paint and lives in a Watermelon with Primrose and is Voiced by Maria Darling.
  • Pip Gooseberry is the youngest of Gooseberry He likes to help Fifi and Bumble in the garden sometimes he is too noisy and this really grinds Buttercup's gears. Fifi looks after him when Stingo and Slugsy play tricks on him. He lives in the gooseberry bushes on his playground and is voiced by Maria Darling.
  • Bumble is Fifi's best friend and is Voiced by Marc Silk.
  • Stingo is a wasp, who causes trouble for the Flowertots. He tries to steal food such as cake, blueberries and chocolate. Lives in a red apple house. His catchphrase is "Rotten Raspberries!" and he is voiced by Tim Whitnall.
  • Slugsy is a slug who has an extremely tiny penis and he is Stingo's sidekick. He is always ready to help Stingo but is very slow and often accidentally ruins Stingo's plans. He loves Primrose but doesn't want to admit it. He lives at the top of Stingo's house. He speaks with a lisp and is voiced by Marc Silk.
  • Fluttershy is a butterfly, a friendly character. He takes Buttercup and Daisy around the garden and has a landing pad near the girls' house. he is voiced by Nick Wilson
  • Webby is a spider. She is the eldest and the wisest in Flowertot Garden. The Flowertots ask her for advice and help, but Stingo and Slugsy avoid her so as not to hit her web. So-called because she lives in a web house, she is voiced by Maria Darling.
  • Mo is Fifi's lawnmower, which takes the harvest and the Flowertots around the garden.
  • Diggly is a grumpy but funny worm. He lives on the compost heap and eats scraps but prefers pumpkin pies. He is voiced by John Thomson and Marc Silk