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First Appearance

Count Duckula Episode: "No Sax Please, We're Egyptian"


Count Duckula (1988-1993) Regular

Voiced by

Jack May

Igor is the deuteragonist of the TV series Count Duckula.


Igor is an anthropomorphized vulture who has been butler to the Duckula Dynasty at Castle Duckula for hundreds of years. The Duckulas can be killed like normal vampires, but once a century they can also be brought back to life through an ancient ritual involving various ingredients like bat wings and blood. When the latest ritual was being performed, Igor called for blood but Nanny, the dimwitted housekeeper gave him ketchup by mistake. This caused Duckula to be, not the horrid, blood-sucking vampire Igor had hoped for, but a fangless, vegetarian prone to seeking fame and fortune.

Igor is extremely disappointed by his vegetarian master and tries several attempts to turn him back to the Duckula he is used to be. Though he never succeeds. In one episode it is stated that Igor's ancestor was responsible for the origins of Duckula dynasty, he is said to have encouraged a vampire bat to bite the original Count Duckula and turn him into a vampire.


Igor is an outwardly dour character who enjoys evil and all things dark and gloomy. However as bad as he claims to be, he is loyal to his master, albeit often sarcastic and nagging. Igor has a dry sense of humor, he doesn't tend to appreciate the jokes Duckula makes, but occasionally makes a wry one-liner of his own, usually at Nanny's expense.

Igor is often infuriated by Nanny's dimwittedness and tendency to interpret instructions literally. He is usually the one who has to clean up after her or order another new front door.

Count Duckula finds Igor's constant attempts to "re-evilize" him very annoying.

Despite this Igor does his best to help his master even though he disapproves of his intentions are and often tries to protect him from his arch enemy, Doctor Von Goosewing.

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