Background Information
Voice Terry Scott
First Appearance Danger Mouse Episode: "Who stole the Bagpipes?"
Television Shows Danger Mouse (1981-1992) Recurring Villain
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Appearance Short and obese crow, black feathers, orange beak, gray eyebrows, dark green English cap, green sweater, dark blue gloves, black pants, white and red sneakers.
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Friends/Allies Baron Silas Greenback Stiletto Mafiosa
Enemies Danger Mouse Penfold Colonel K
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Quote "Huh?" "Aye."
Leatherhead is a minor villain and character in the Danger Mouse series.


Leatherhead was Baron Greenback's henchcrow alongside Stiletto Mafiosa. He only appeared in a few episodes in the first series.


Leatherhead is just as wicked as Stiletto, only he sometimes pays no attention to the action that is going on and has his beak in a comic book.

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