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"Mamma Mia!"-Maxi's Catchphrase

Maxi(from Italy)is an older yellow Formula 1 type racing car who was the star of Silver Hatch before Roary arrived. He wears sunglasses and a blue cap and sports the number 5. Maxi is Italian and is the favourite of


Mr Carburettor. Because of this, he has an Italian accent, although this is de-emphasized in the US voiceover. When starting a race, Maxi can make flames erupt from his exhausts. There is a healthy sibling rivalry between Maxi and Roary. Maxi's catchphrase is "Mamma Mia!" Marc Silk voices him. He is based on the Ferrari F2003 GA.

Personality []

He is temperamental and expects the best of everything - even the first usage of the tyre warmers.He acts very spoiled and immature and often bullies the other cars, especially Roary. Maxi is known to be a diva; he wants to be the center of attention at all times and is overly concerned about his appearance and performance, but normally realizes his mistakes and always apologises in the end.

Trivia []

* Maxi has an Italian accent in the UK dub, But in the US dub, It was changed to a Brooklyn accent.

* He and Roary are the only cars with headwear and the only formula 1 cars.

* He got to be on the front cover of wheels magazine.