Mr. PC Plod is the police officer of Toyland who first appeared in Noddy's Toyland Adventures and Make Way for Noddy.

In Noddy's Toyland Adventures he has a Cornish/South Western accent and is voiced by Jimmy Hibbert and currently voiced by Richard Newman in Make Way for Noddy. His catchphrase is "Halt/Stop, in the name of Plod!"

In the 1970s version he has a deep Cockney accent and is voiced by Richard Briers and currently Richard Newman in Make Way for Noddy.


Though serious very stern in his line of duty, Mr. Plod is very jolly and a friend to all, but he won't stand for any nonsense or misbehavior, especially from the two wicked goblins Sly and Gobbo.

Plod in Noddy's Toyland Adventures.


Plod in Noddy.

Mr. Plod, Mr. Sparks and Noddy, has been known to be a bit clumsy as well as shown in a few episodes e.g. in Noddy and the Pouring Rain, a letterbox ran over him. He also thinks of himself as handsome as shown in Noddy Buys a Parasol when he is shown looking down at his shoes as he hums and says "Ooh, what a handsome fellow to be sure" (also as a running gag in the episode, he keeps demanding to see his face in objects), despite what he says, no other female toy in Toyland is attracted to him. It also appears in some episodes, he has a slight grammar problem with what he says. In Noddy is Far Too Busy he is shown to roar like a lion. In Noddy Sets a Trap he lives at the police station. Mr. Plod also suffered a serious injury in Noddy Gets a New Job because he fell of his ladder while painting his police station. In the episodes Noddy and the Warm Scarf and Noddy and the Driving Lesson he tends to follow cases in steps. He usually wears a black suit and helmet, the only time he was ever seen without his helmet on was in Noddy Gets a New Job due to his aforementioned injury, and he was also wearing pyjamas, the only time he ever wore something other than his usual suit. His helmet usually bounces off his head if he is shocked or surprised. In the Make Way for Noddy episode Mr. Plod, The Best Policeman it was revealed he had many relatives who solved big crimes to get in the newspaper. In another Make Way for Noddy episode The Voice of Mr. Plod he lost his voice due to shouting too loud.

Television series Edit

Noddy's Toyland Adventures Edit

Series 1 Edit

  1. Noddy and the Goblins
  2. Noddy and the Naughty Tail
  3. Noddy and the Pouring Rain
  4. Noddy and Martha Monkey
  5. Noddy and the Kite
  6. Noddy's New Friend
  7. Noddy and his Bell
  8. Noddy and the Milkman
  9. Noddy Gets a New Job
  10. Noddy and the Broken Bicycle
  11. Noddy and the Special Key
  12. Noddy Delivers Some Parcels

Series 2 Edit

  1. Noddy and the Missing Hats
  2. Noddy and the Useful Rope
  3. Noddy Loses his Bell
  4. Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears
  5. Noddy Goes Shopping
  6. Noddy Meets some Silly Hens
  7. Noddy Finds a Furry Tail
  8. Noddy Sets a Trap
  9. Noddy and the Magic Night
  10. Noddy to the Rescue

Series 3 Edit

  1. Noddy and the Fishing Rod
  2. Noddy and the Warm Scarf
  3. Noddy the Champion
  4. Noddy and the Golden Tree
  5. Noddy and his Unhappy Car
  6. Noddy Has an Afternoon Off
  7. Noddy the Magician
  8. Noddy and His Money
  9. Noddy and his Alarm Clock
  10. Noddy Buys a Parasol
  11. Noddy Tastes Some Cakes
  12. Noddy the Dancer
  13. Noddy and Father Christmas

Series 4 Edit

  1. Noddy and the Magic Watch (Does Not Speak)
  2. Noddy and the Goblins
  3. Noddy and the Treasure Map
  4. Noddy and the Singing Bush
  5. Noddy Gets Caught in a Storm
  6. Noddy Tidies Toyland
  7. Noddy and the Bouncing Ball
  8. Noddy is Far Too Busy
  9. Noddy Tells a Story
  10. Noddy and the Artists
  11. Noddy and the Nurse
  12. Noddy and the Driving Lesson

Make Way for Noddy Edit

  1. Too Many Noddies
  2. Noddy and the New Taxi
  3. Noddy & the Magic Bagpipes
  4. Noddy's Perfect Gift
  5. Noddy's Lucky Day
  6. Policeman For a Day
  7. Bounce Alert in Toyland
  8. Noddy's Pet Chicken
  9. Noddy Goes Shopping
  10. Hold Onto Your Hat Noddy
  11. Noddy and the Bumper Monster
  12. The Magic Powder
  13. The Case of the Missing Ball
  14. The Great Train Chase
  15. A Surprise for Tessie Bear
  16. Noddy Saves Christmas
  17. Mr Plod, The Best Policeman
  18. Mr Plod in Jail
  19. Mr Plod's Little Problem
  20. The Voice of Mr Plod
  21. Mr Plod and the Jail Bird
  22. Bumpy Dog's Visit
  23. The Toy Town Parade
  24. Noddy and the Missing Muffins
  25. Big Ears For a Day
  26. Noddy and the Voice of Plod
  27. Noddy's Family Tree
  28. The Listening Game
  29. Noddy and the Funny Pictures

Movies Edit

  1. Noddy Saves Christmas
  2. Noddy and the Island Adventure
  3. Noddy and the Magical Moondust

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