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First Appearance

Count Duckula Episode: "No Sax Please, We're Egyptian"


Count Duckula (1988-1993) Regular

Voiced by

Brian Trueman

Nanny is the tritagonist of the TV series Count Duckula.


Nanny is an antromorphised hen who is the house keeper of Castle Duckula. It is unknown how long Nanny has been with Count Duckula's family, though it is rumoured that she may of been there for over a thousand years like Igor. It is also unknown why she has her right arm in a sling, some say it was because of a sprain while others say that it conceals a tattoo. She is normally seen rummaging in it and get something useful out.

After her previous master died, she and Igor decided to bring him back by pouring blood into his awaking casket that only happens once every thousand years. But Nanny gave Igor a bottle of Tomato Ketchup by mistake and her new master became a less vicious vegetarian Vampire Duck much to Igor's disappointment.


Nanny's personality is very differant to Igor's. She is kindhearted, helpful and loving especially around Count Duckula whom she calls her "Duckyboos". But she does have the tendency to be annoying, especially when she constantly breaks the front door and says: "How did that happen?", crashes through the walls and misunderstands everything she's told by Duckula and Igor, though she can sometimes tell if she's being insulted. Whenever Count Duckula goes on an adventure, she is always the first to take part. Though dense and silly, Nanny is very strong (though she sometimes doesn't realise it) and has occasionaly saved the day.

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