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Noddy and the Bouncing Ball
Season 4, Episode 8
Air date February 28, 2000
Written by Julia Allen and Chris Allen
Directed by Chris Taylor
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Noddy and the Bouncing Ball is the eighth episode in Season 4 of Noddy's Toyland Adventures which was broadcasted on bbc on 28th February, 2000.


Bumpy Dog receives a new ball on his birthday which Goblins swap with another magical ball which bounces over the city annoying everyone. They are then being chased by a magical ball while crying at the end of the episode. 



  • Based on the stories by Enid Blyton.
  • Story written by Julia and Chris Allen.
  • Voices by Susan Sheridan and Jimmy Hibbert.
  • Music Composed and Performed by Paul K. Joyce.
  • Animated by Justin Exley, Lucy Gell, Monica McCartney, Stuart Sutcliffe,
    Peter Dodd, Lisa Goddard, Brian Demonskoff and Andrew Davies.
  • Puppet Makers: Mackinnon and Saunders, Noel Baker,  Bethan Jones, Steve Meerbeck,
    Pat Brennan, Chris Keogh, Mark Thompson, Georgina Hayns, Vilija Kontrimas and Caroline Wallace.
  • Sets by The As and When Men, Richard Sykes, Rowena Golton, Rick Kent, Simon Walmsley and Ben Cook.
  • Costumes: Clare Elliott, Geraldine Corrigan and Joan Jones.
  • Props: Alison Davies, Dominic Lee and Owen Ballhatchet.
  • Art Director: Bridget Appleby
  • Light Cameramen: Jean-Marc Ferriere.
  • Camera Assistant: Justin Noë.
  • Post Production: Flix Facilities, Graphiti Graphics and Hullabaloo Studios.
  • Production Manager: Laura Duncalf.
  • Production Assistant: Debbie Peers.
  • Directed by Chris Taylor.
  • Produced by Chris Bowden.
  • Executive Producers: Theresa Plummer-Andrews, Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.
  • A Cosgrove Hall Films Production for BBC Worldwide, Enid Blyton and Blyton's Toyland.
  • © BBC Worldwide and Enid Blyton Limited MCMXCIX.