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Danger Mouse's Pillar Box

Danger Mouse's Pillar Box

The Pillar Box is a tall red Mayfair Royal Mail post box in London at the corner of Baker Street which so happens to be the home of famous Detective Sherlock Holmes. It is the home and main headquarters of Danger Mouse and Penfold.

It has a spiral staircase up and down that leads to every room. Inside there is a sitting room which has a large television screen that is used to contact Colonel K and the lift mechanism concealed under the main sofa in the centre of the room that leads to the Mark III at the very bottom that has a secret opening with one the pavement stones under the box. It also another area that leads to the Space Hopper.

Apart from the top secret devices in the main sitting room, it has all the rooms of any normal house of bedrooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.


The Lift[]

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