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Postman Pat and the Greendale Rocket is a 2003 TV special episode in the 2003-2006 TV series of Postman Pat that was first released on Video & DVD in November 2003 and then it first got broadcasted on BBC2 at 8:30am on Monday 6th October 2004.


The children set off on a school outing and are very excited when they discover Greendale's old forgotten steam train, the Greendale Rocket. Everyone volunteers to get the Greendale Light Railway back into action. Pat and Ted try to get the engine working again. Will it work again in time for the grand reopening?

Voice Cast[]

  • Ken Barrie as Pat, Ted, Alf, the Reverend Timms, P.C. Selby and Mr. Pringle.
  • Melissa Sinden as Jess.
  • Carole Boyd as Sara Clifton, Mrs. Goggins, Dorothy, Mrs. Pottage,
    Doctor Gilbertson, Sarah Gilbertson, Charlie and the Radio Weather Woman
  • Janet James as Julian.
  • Kulvinder Ghir as Bill, Tom and Ajay.
  • Archie Panjabi as Katy, Nisha and Meera.


  • Based on the original series written by John Cunliffe.
  • Based on the original television series designed and produced by Ivor Wood.
  • Story written by John Cunliffe with additional material by Elly Brewer.
  • Voices by Ken Barrie, Carole Boyd, Kulvinder Ghir, Janet James, Archie Panjabi and Melissa Sinden.
  • Script Edited by Annika Bluhm.
  • Art Director: Bridget Appleby.
  • Storyboard Artist: Justin Exley.
  • Title Music by Bryan Daly.
  • Music by Simon Woodgate at Echobass Studios.
  • Animators: Tim Collings, Brian Demoskoff, Lucy Gill, Lisa Goddard,
    Lisa-Jane Gray, Monica McCartney, Matt Palmer, Bob Scott and Chris Tootell.
  • Puppets by Mackinnon & Saunders, Noel Baker, Colin Batty, Anne Hall, Joe Holman,
    Clare Jones, Caroline Wallace, Robbie Manning, Nick Roberson, Emma Trimble, Christine Keogh,
    Georgina Haynes, Richard Pickersgill, Michelle Scuttergood and Stuart Sutcliffe.
  • Puppet Maintenance by Patricia Brennan.
  • Sets by The As & When Men, Jeff Spain, Rick Kent, Richard Sykes, Alan Henry and Robin Jackson.
  • Set Illustrator: Mark Stacey.
  • Props by John Ashton, Diane Holness and Angela Kiely.
  • Set Dressing by Dom Lee.
  • Senior Costume Maker: Clare Elliott.
  • Costume Makers: Nigel Cornford, Joan Jones, Andrea Lord and Stewart Selkirk.
  • Assistant Producer: Owen Ballhatchet.
  • Voice Recording by The Sound House and Hullabaloo Studios.
  • Video Post Productiom by Flix Facilities.
  • Audio Post Production by Hullabaloo Studios.
  • Studio Director: Sue Pugh
  • Lighting Camera by Martin Kelly.
  • Assistant Camera by Justin Noe.
  • Camera Assistants: Jo Richards and Simon Lacey.
  • Computer Graphics by Jonathan Turner.
  • Data Management by Pete Kidd.
  • Technical Support by Phil Atack and Matthew Horsefield.
  • Production Manager: Karen Dudley.
  • Production Assistant: Lucy Atkinson.
  • Production Accountant: Sarah Ulyatt.
  • Stills Co-ordinator: Gwyn Roberts.
  • Production Co-ordinator for Entertainment Rights: Victoria Marks.
  • Executive Producer for CBBC: Theresea Plummer-Andrews.
  • Executive Producers for Entertainment Rights: Jane Smith and Oliver Ellis.
  • Directed by Chris Taylor.
  • Produced by Chris Bowden.
  • A production of Cosgrove Hall Films for Entertainment Rights.
  • © 2003 Woodland Animations Ltd. a division of Entertainment Rights PLC.


  • There is no narrator in this Postman Pat series at all as there was in the early Woodland Animated series and all the characters have lip-synched mouths.
  • When Alf is cutting the wood at the station, an old Spottiswood & Company crate from from Woodland Animations other children's TV programme "Bertha" can be seen.
  • A fishing rod from Woodland Animations other children's TV show "Charlie Chalk " can be seen in the post office.
  • The barometer in the Bains old house is the same one from the Woodland Animated series TV special
    "Postman Pat and the Barometer".
  • The characters of Peter Fogg, George Lancaster, Granny Dryden, Sam Waldren, Major Forbes and Miss Hubbard are not main or key supporting characters for this Postman Pat series as they were in the early Woodland Animated series. However, Garner Hall where Major Forbes lived appears in the opening title sequence.
  • This episode featured the songs of "The Greendale Rocket Rides Again" and "Rocket Train".
  • One of the smuged letters on the floor is clearly addressed to "George Lancaster, Intake Farm, Greendale".


  • How would Pat know if Jess had said "Thank You" to Sarah Gilbertson?
  • Jess can be heard licking Sarah Gilbertson's face as a way of saying "Thank You", but his tongue is not seen.
  • When we first see the station, an up-turned plastic rubbish bin can be seen which would not have existed in the days of the railway's closure. Also under the boarded-up windows, the station cafe windows have shutters which would not have been invented when it closed down.
  • When the school first come to the station, Bill is missing his eyebrows.
  • Mr. Pringle should have known better than to let children explore a ruined and abandoned railway station, due to broken glass and splinted wood.
  • When Julian, Katy and Tom find the engine shed, Julian says "Have a look in." to the twins, but he does so himself.
  • The chains holding the engine shed doors shut should have had a padlock on them.
  • When the school find the Greendale Rocket, Julian refers to it as a train even though the locomotive is the only stock standing in the engine shed.
  • Julian wipes dust off the Rocket's nameplate to read it, even though it is easy to make out before hand.
  • When Julian tells Pat "We found the Greendale Rocket.", Pat says "You never have!" as though Julian had said "We've found the Greendale Rocket." when he should have said "You never did!"
  • During the meeting at the school, Ted is missing his eyebrows.
  • In real life, it would take a strong vehicle to move the Rocket of its shed instead of just a few men.
  • When Pat and Ted start cleaning the Rocket, Pat removes a large piece of moss that was not there before.
  • Aerial shots show the overgrown trees cleared up around the station, but not when the camera is level with the set. Aerial shots also show that a car park has been built outside the station, but other shots show that area is still covered in trees.
  • When Nisha, Meera and Nikhil arrive at the station, Meera says "Look, Mum, that must be him." without moving her lips.
  • Mrs. Goggins says Pat should not be driving in the wind and rain, so what does she expect him to do in order to get the post through instead?
  • Before Pat comes to the first flooded road, Jess has been blurred out as he is not meant to be there, but this only makes it too much more obvious and Jess can still be easily seen even though he should be at the Baines house.
  • When Pat comes to the first flooded road, he says "Oh, dear! Floods everywhere!" without moving his lips. The same thing happens again when Pat comes to the next flooded road and says "Floods everywhere!"
  • The stormy scenes look more like they take place during the night than a stormy day.
  • When Mrs. Goggins says "Oh well at least you tried, Pat." a small dot appears under her mouth. Then when she says "We'll have to cancel the grand opening. Who'd want to stand about watching a steam train in this weather?" the dot is above her mouth.
  • Despite how strong the wind was, Pat's hat did not blow off in the wind. However, the wind briefly tugs at P.C. Selby's helmet even though it is a heavier form of head gear than Pat's hat.
  • For some reason, Pat has his van windows open in the rain.
  • For some reason, Pat turns off his van's engine when he comes to the second flooded road.
  • Between his first two trips to the post office on the day of the storm, the hands on the clock in the post office are pointing to 7 o'clock.
  • Ajay's eyebrows are missing when he gets the Rocket finally on the move.
  • In real life, there would have been too many mail bags to store on the Rocket's coal bunker.
  • To transport the mail bags, Ajay, Pat and Ted should have used the mail truck to start with instead of piling them on top of the coal in the Rocket's coal bunker.
  • "Naughty" is not the word to describe Jess stowing away in Nikhil's buggy.
  • Pat, Ajay and Ted should not really be drinking mugs of tea whilst driving a railway engine.
  • All three mail bags are perched on the Rocket's coal bunker on the journey back to Greendale, but when they arrive, one is in the Rocket's cab with Ted.
  • As Pat, Ted and Ajay carry mail bags to the post office, Ajay says "Are we nearly there, Pat?" even though they had just walked past it and gone round the corner from it in the previous shot.
  • Pat should have reckoned that Jess might have escaped again through the bottom of his jacket.
  • At one point, the post office is missing its sign.
  • A lot of the letters have had all the writing smudged off from the rain, so Pat cannot possibly have delivered it all.
  • In the shot before Pat delivers the Reverend's letters, Jess is still not in the van. Pat has also his windscreen wipers on even though the rain has stopped and there is no more left to wipe off.
  • The Rocket was still to far away to drown out Meera when she first tries to tell Julian she's moving to Greendale.
  • Julian talks about Pencaster as if it is hundreds of miles away even though it is only the neighbouring town. Any how, Julian should know that the distance between Greendale and Pencaster should mean nothing after the grand re-opening of the Greendale Light Railway and its station.
  • We see Meera mouth say "Greendale" while the Rocket whistles. Before hand, she pauses after she says "we're moving soon to..." while the Rocket whistles. If Meera realised the Rocket was going to drown out what she was going to say, why did she bother carrying on anyway. Then Meera later says she was going to tell Julian, even though she already had.
  • When the Rocket pulls into the station at the grand opening, Ted is not in the cab with Ajay.