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Roary is a young, cheeky and excitable Formula 1 racing car. He is Big Chris's "Number 1 Star" and best car friend. Roary is new to Silver Hatch, but with the help of his friends, he is quickly learning the ropes at Silver


Hatch. He always wants to impress Big Chris and copy all of his friends' moves. Roary does not know too much about racing yet, but he has won quite a few races and is slowly learning how to become a star racing car.

Appearance []

His signature colours are red and white. He wears a white baseball cap with a checkered pattern at the bottom and a red star emblazoned with the number 1 at the top. Roary is occasionally Cici and FB's best friends and always wants to play with them. He is based on the Formula Ford 1500.

Personality []

He is so full of energy and has the mindset of a schoolboy. He is the youngest of the cars. There is a sibling rivalry between Maxi and Roary. They compete over everything. Roary does not like it when Maxi bullies him, but he will occasionally bully him as well. However, most of the time, they are shown to be good friends with each other. Roary can occasionally be slightly rebellious, and can be a bit disobedient as in Roary and Nigel, or Putting on a show, but has a good heart and is the most sensible of the cars, and encourages everyone to never give up when they're down. He often assumes a role of leadership among the other cars. Overall, Roary is very playful and enjoys racing around the track and always finds a solution to everything. His catchphrase is "Light 'em up!".

Trivia []

-In Korean dub he is called Kaka.

-He holds the fastest record on Silver hatch

-He is also the main character.

-He and Maxi are the only cars to wear headwear.

-He is one of the only characters not to have a different name in the US dub.

-He is voiced in the US by Gigi Abraham and in the UK by Maria Darling.