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Rick Jones
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Mark Camacho
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Daniel Brochu
Sonja Ball
Terrence Scammell
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Rotten Ralph was aired from 1999-2001 on CBBC.

It was a stop motion tv series based on the books by Jack Gantos about a mischievious cat named Ralph who lived with his owner Sarah and her parents.

Ralph was always playing mean practical jokes on his family and getting into trouble hence his name "Rotten Ralph".

He was always punished mostly by Dad who often seemed be on the end of Ralph's jokes.

They often had visits from Ralph's cousin, Percy who always annoyed the naughty cat by his good manners and skills on the xylophone. Ralph always tried many attempts to get rid of him. However Ralph still loves his family and they love him.

A Rotten Ralph CD Rom was released by BBC Multimedia called "Rotten Ralph - Big Night In" on 13 Oct. 2000

Cast of Characters[]

  • Rotten Ralph (Voiced by Rick Jones)
  • Sarah (Voiced by Brigid Tierney)
  • Dad (Voiced by Mark Camacho)
  • Mom (Voiced by Jennifer Sequin)
  • Percy (Voiced by Daniel Brochu)
  • Lulu (Voiced by Sonja Ball)
  • Bongo Bob (Voiced by Terrence Scammell)
  • Fleabag (Voiced by Terrence Scammell)
  • Bones (Voiced by Terrence Scammell)


  1. The Taming of the Ralph
  2. Not so Rotten Ralph
  3. Happy Birthday Rotten Ralph
  4. Dead Man's Drop
  5. The Contest
  6. The Bongo Bob Show
  7. Rotten Ralph's Robbery
  8. Purrfect Pet
  9. Boogie Woogie Ralph
  10. Kung Fu Kitty
  11. Ralph's Super Duper Bloopers
  12. The Whole Rotten Truth
  13. Feline Fad
  14. Rotten to the Core
  15. Ralph's Royal Treatment
  16. One of Nine Lives
  17. Ralph's Kitten
  18. Ralph's Nightmare
  19. Twinkle Toes
  20. Science Contest
  21. Grandma's Visit
  22. World Cup Ralph
  23. Ralph's Rival
  24. Elementary, My Dear Ralph
  25. Cat Got your Tongue
  26. Walk and Roll
  27. Attack of the Killer Fleas
  28. Just Cuz
  29. The Ralph who cried Wolf
  30. Percy in Love
  31. Talent Contest
  32. I know what you're doing this Summer!
  33. Good Job Ralph
  34. The Art of Being Rotten
  35. Knucklehead
  36. Radio Free Ralph
  37. Surf's Up Ralph
  38. Ralph's Rotten Tooth
  39. Rotten Repair Service
  40. Cat Psychology
  41. Ralph's Bedside Manor
  42. Anything for a Buck
  43. Kit N' Kin
  44. Sweatin' with Ralph
  45. Snowbound
  46. The Secret Life of Mom
  47. Misrepresented Ralph
  48. Party Animals
  49. Country Club Ralph
  50. Dad's Time To Shine


In 1996 american stop motion animator John Clark Matthews had did the two pilots Rotten Ralph The Taming of Ralph and Not So Rotten Ralph,Before Cosgrove and Tooncan took over the rest of the series and used Johns style of Rotten Ralph.