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Rotten Ralph Big Night In

Rotten Ralph - Big Night In is a piece of Rotten Ralph merchandise, which was released by BBC Multimedia on 13 Oct. 2000. It was design to run on Windows 95 / 98 systems.

Manufacturer's Description[]

Catch up on your favourite Rotten Ralph moments with Ralph 's very own video browser. Ralph, Mum and Dad, Sarah, Percy, the Alley Cats and Bongo Bob feature in over 30 fantastic clips.

Ralph races his bike against an assortment of characters. Guess who the winner will be - but watch out - Rotten Ralph is likely to cheat!

There 's nothing Ralph likes more than being messy and creative with his art tools. You can join him with on-screen pens and brushes, fonts (including Ralph's own font!), shapes, a colour palette, patterns, Ralph themed stamps, templates to colour in and more.

Join Ralph and his hero for a special "Game Show" edition of Bongo Bob. Take part in four challenging games and try to make it to the Golden Banana!


  • Great Rotten Ralph Moments - a video browser with 30 clips
  • Three Rotten Screen Savers
  • Rotten Snaps - 50 moments from TV
  • "Racing with Ralph" Game - guess who the winner is...
  • "Ralph's Rotten Mess" - Ralph makes a mess of the screen!
  • Salvador Ralphi - interactive art feature
  • Bongo Bob's Slime Game - Slime Ralph before he slimes you!
  • The Sink or Swim Challenge - Lower an object into a tank of slim. If it swims - make a move! If it sinks - you lose!
  • Ralph's Racing Game - Pedal like crazy to beat Ralph in this mad race
  • Rotten Ralph's Quiz - Answer Ralph's tricky questions to move yourself closer to the Golden Banana!