Cosgrove Hall Wiki

Before starting work on the wiki pages please read and start to follow these rules:

  1. I'm in charge of this wiki and I can include or erase anything I choose.
  2. Everyone's work is important and special to me, don't scorn someone else's work.
  3. Don't place on swear words, anything illegal or abusive, if you do you will be blocked.
  4. Include anything you can including New Articles, Pictures, anything you are able to do.
  5. Don't erase the videos that I place in these articles because to me they are the one of the most special part of the articles.
  6. Keep in touch with anything you have made or about to make, so I can keep a record of whatever is happening.
  7. Make your name known if you want to take credit for any new articles or changes you have made
  8. Do your best, even a few words can make a difference.
  9. COSGROVE HALL CONTENT ONLY. Anything else isn't welcome on this wiki.
  10. Don't add unnecessary catergories such as "1990s characters", "2000 episodes", "Nice Characters", "Gloomy Characters", "Characters whose favorite color is blue" etc as they only make the wiki look silly and confusing. Specific ones for the particular programme are better.
  11. Don't add info, pages or pictures that aren't necessary, if you do I'll remove them and tell you why.
  12. Don't rename or restore deleted pages without my permission.
  13. Just because Noddy is a part of Cosgrove Hall, doesn't mean everything associated with him is. Please don't add anything apart from the show Noddy's Toyland Adventures.
  14. Don't just copy text from an original page on Wikipedia or a website and make it into a page as it's plagiarism.

Finally, have fun, it's a great way of sharing the info that you know and making new things.

Enjoy yourselves!