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Stiletto Mafiosa

First Appearance

Danger Mouse Episode: "Rogue Robots"


Danger Mouse (1981-1992) Recurring Villain

Voiced by

Brian Trueman

Stiletto Mafiosa is a villain and character in the telvision show: Danger Mouse.


Stiletto is one of Baron Greenback's evil henchcrows, the other being Leatherhead.

He is often seen helping his boss whom he refers to as "Barone"

When Danger Mouse first began airing in the United States on the children's cable network, Nickelodeon, Stilleto's original Italian accent was replaced by a thick British Cockney one- over concerns that the Italian one, combined with his last name, Mafiosa, would cause complaints from parents over an implied connection to the Mafia. However, when the series was released on DVD, the original Italian accent was restored.

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