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The Adventures of Paddington Bear is a British-Canadian-French animated children's television series. It is based on the book Paddington Bear by Michael Bond and was written by Bruce Robb. It was produced by CINAR and Protecrea and ran for 39 episodes.

The show aired in the United States on the Cookie Jar Toons block on This TV from November 2008 to August 2009. However, all CINAR references in these broadcasts have been replaced by Cookie Jar references. It was also shown on HBO as of 2017, it now airs on Starz Kids and Family.


  • PaddingtonJonathan Kydd
  • Mr. Henry BrownJon Glover, John R. Hernandez
  • Mrs. Mary BrownMeriam Stover, Moir Leslie
  • Mrs. Sheila BirdEve Karpf
  • Judy and JonathanSteven Webb and Jade Williams
  • Mr. Reginald CurryNigel Lambert
  • Mr. Samuel GruberCyril Shaps
  • Aunt Lucy – Phyllis Diller


  1. A Visit to the Hospital/Paddington Takes to the Road/The Last Dance
  2. Paddington Goes Underground/Paddington in the Ring/Mr. Curry lets off Steam
  3. A Visit to the Bank/A Spot of Fishing/Bear's Job Week
  4. Paddington And The Stately Home/The Opal of My Eye/Too Much off the Top
  5. Adventure at the Seaside/Paddington and the Pyramid Selling/The Finishing Touch
  6. Paddington Turns Detective/Seeing is Believing/A Visit to the Theatre
  7. Paddington at the Wheel/Howdy Paddington/Paddington Goes Shopping
  8. Paddington Gets a Raise/Bonhomme Paddington/Everything Comes to Those Who Wait
  9. Paddington Hits Out/Ranger Paddington/Paddington's Puzzle
  10. Paddington Cleans Up/Riding High/Paddington Dines Out
  11. Paddington Keeps Fit/Paddington Goes to Washington/Trouble at the Launderette
  12. The Case of the Doubtful Dummy/The Greatest Paddington on Earth/Paddington Goes to Court
  13. The Treasure Hunt/Paddington Goes to Hollywood/Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour
  14. A Disappearing Trick/Paddington Saves the Day/Paddington Goes to School
  15. Old Master Paddington/Paddington and the Pardon/A Picnic on the River
  16. A Day to Remember/Paddington in Spain/A Most Unusual Ceremony
  17. Paddington Steps Out/Paddington Prepares/Paddington Recommended
  18. Paddington Goes to the Dentist/Paddington's Dinosaurs/Paddington's First Flight
  19. Paddington Breaks the Peace/Paddington Takes Off/Trouble at Number Thirty-Two
  20. Paddington in a Hole/Paddington in the Galapagos/Paddington Strikes a Bargain
  21. Pantomime Time/Paddington in Alaska/A Stitch in Time
  22. Paddington and the Cold Snap/Paddington and the Yeti/Paddington Hits the Jackpot
  23. Paddington Makes a Clean Sweep/Paddington at the Olympics/Paddington and "Do it Yourself"
  24. In and out of Trouble/Sir Paddington/A Spot of Decorating
  25. Paddington in Touch/Paddington and the Dead Sea/Goings on at Number Thirty-Two
  26. A Sticky Time/Private Paddington/Paddington Buys a Share
  27. Paddington Takes a Cut/Anchors Away/Paddington Passes Through
  28. What's Going on at Number 32?/Paddington at the Stone Garden/Trouble in the Bargain Basement
  29. Paddington Clocks In/Paddington Goes Swiss/A Day by the Sea
  30. A House-Training/Dare Devil Bear/Paddington the Rock Star
  31. The Amazing Paddington/Pirates/Paddington the Host
  32. The Great Escape/The Paddington Files/Paddington the Surveyor
  33. Mr. Curry's Birthday Bash/Paddington and the Loch Ness Monster/Copy Bear
  34. Paddington Gets His Money's Worth/Drive Bear Drive/Paddington Delivers the Goods
  35. Paddington the Tour Guide/April Fools/Superstitious Paddington
  36. The Royal Tour/Gold Rush Paddington/Paddington Calls the Shots
  37. The Spy Who Loved Marmalade/Paddington at Wimbledon/Paddington in the Park
  38. One Bear's Treasure/A Bear of Style/A Night at the Opera
  39. Paddington the Babysitter/Paddington on the Orient Express/Paddington and the Frog Doom