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The Fox Busters
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Whoopi Goldberg
Joanna Lumley
Jane Horrocks
Rob Rackstraw
Jimmy Hibbert
Mark Heatley


9th September 1999 – 24th November 2000

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The Fox Busters is an animated television series based on the famous book by Dick King-Smith.

It follows the adventures of three flying chickens Ransome, Sims and Jeffries defending their home Foxearth farm from the clutches of the invading foxes.

The show aired from 9th September 1999 - 24th November 2000 with two seasons and 26 episodes.




The Fox Busters intro

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Twenty Six episodes of this series were produced:

Series One (1999)[]

  1. Hen Night
  2. Where Ego's Dare
  3. Winging it
  4. Icky's Sticky Situation
  5. A Fete Worse than Death
  6. Follow My Leader
  7. The Ring Cycle
  8. The Trojan Chicken
  9. Going Underground
  10. See the Dog, See the Dog Run
  11. The Long Walk Home
  12. Three Hens and a Baby
  13. Passing the Buck

Series Two (2000)[]

  1. Ackluclalypse Now
  2. Big Trouble
  3. Day of the Hunter
  4. Fear of Flying
  5. The Not So Great Escape
  6. Love Bites
  7. Eggs, Lies and Videotape
  8. Of Mice and Hen
  9. Some Like it Otter
  10. The Prishener
  11. Peace
  12. One Paw in the Grave
  13. In the Beak-ginning