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Frog Head Flyer

The Frog Head Flyer

The Frog's Head Flyer is Baron Greenback's common used mode of transportation in the the tv series Danger Mouse.

It is piloted by himself and his henchcrow Stiletto.

It can hover in the air at anytime anywhere including space apart from underwater.

The Frog's Head Flyer's functions[]

Like Danger Mouse's Mark III, the Frog Head Flyer has many gadgets to help Greenback get where he wants to go:

Control Panel[]

Greenback sits there whilst controlling it, he can observe what is going on by watching a large screen which is also his method of communication.

Legs and Feet[]

The feet of this apparatus allows the ship to land on any surface, the hinged legs fold up in a kneeling position after take off giving it more of a balance to manuover.

Weapon Hatch[]

A hatch stored at the bottom where Greenback unloads his devious devices such as a ray cannon or a hook.

Computer Jamming System[]

Used in one episode to jam all the signals of computers across the world. Fortunately Danger Mouse destroyed it by dropping an energy crystal in the fuse hole of the machine causing it to overload.

Whack O Matic[]

Greenback uses this terrible device on Stiletto whenever he says something stupid or makes a mistake. It's a box that springs open with a giant mallet that wallops him on the head.

Like the Mark III, the Frog's Head Flyer isn't indestructable. It has been smashed or blown up on several occasions. One particular moment was when Danger Mouse tricked Greenback into overloading the computer causing the ship to explode, so various repairs always have to be made.

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