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The Hound of the Hobbes-Sutclyffes is the episode in the second season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon TV show "Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime" that was first broadcasted on ITV in the UK on 11th December 1992.


After a failed hold-up at Harry's Café, the brothers overhear Ponsford (the Hobbes-Sutclyffes' butler) saying that Lady Hobbes-Sutclyffe thinks she is being haunted by a demon hound, and her husband has agreed to let Hawkeye Soames and Dr. Potson investigate; they then get the idea to masquerade as Soames and Potson in an attempt to rob Hobbes-Sutclyffe Hall, but when the real Soames and Potson show up, the Hobbes-Sutclyffes cannot tell which Soames is the real one, so Victor says whichever one finds the "Hound of the Hobbes-Sutclyffes" must be the real Soames. Although the brothers inadvertently find the Hound after opening the already-unlocked safe in the Hall's library, it turns out to be the Wretched Dog - and when the dynamite they had glued to the safe to blow it explodes, it blasts them out of the Hall.

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  • Recording Date: 23rd January 1992.