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The Man from Gadget is the eighth episode in the fifth season of Cosgrove Hall's original 2D animated "Danger Mouse" TV series that was first broadcasted on ITV in the UK on 9th April 1984.


Agent 57 sends word to H.Q. that Greenback has build his latest hideaway on a pinnacle of rock in the middle of a volcanic crater in Northen Iceland. Furthermore, 57 has disguised himself as a flat battery, so the Baron can't start his Froghead flyer. When Dangermouse and Penfold arrive on the scene, they bump into Grigious M. Murphy, a gadget salesman who tries to interest them in a personal combat accessory kit.

Background Music Cues[]


  • Voices by David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey and Brian Trueman.
  • Music by Mike Harding.
  • Music Production by Ritchie Close.
  • Written by Brian Trueman.
  • Story & Storyboard by Keith Scoble.
  • Animated by Stephen Thomas, Robert Newman and Philip Morris.
  • Backgrounds by Diane Wren.
  • Paint and Trace by Philip McNaylor, Monica McCartney, Andy Wilson, Bob Burrows,
    Lorriane Thomas and Bev Phillips.
  • Special Effects by Roy A. Huckerby.
  • Camera by Frank Hardie, Wendy Hardie and Peter Kidd.
  • Editing by Nigel Rutter, Nibs Senior and Stephen Perry.
  • Assistant Director: Jean Flynn.
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.
  • Directed by Brian Cosgrove.
  • A Cosgrove/Hall Production. © 1983.

Copyright Gag[]

Despite this episode being broadcasted in 1984, the roman numerals in the copyright credit reads 'MCMLXXXIII' as it is dated in 1983.


  • The episode title is a spoof on the 1964-1968 USA spy-fictional TV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E.".
  • Recording date: 1983.