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Danger Mouse Mark III

Danger Mouse and Penfold in the Mark III

The Mark III is the main mode of transportation used by Danger Mouse in the tv series Danger Mouse

It was created by a famous secret service scientist called Doctor Squakencluck and is used for three modes of transportation land, sea and air.

This is what DM uses to travel to the destinations of his missions. It is kept in the garage at the very bottom of his Post box headquarters.

The Mark III's functions[]

Danger Mouse Mark III 2

The plans of the Mark III

The Mark III is full of gadgets that helps DM get where he needs to go and also saves him from a few difficult situations:

Extendable Wings[]

These are stored in the sides of the car activated by a button on the dashboard or the remote control built into DM's wrist watch. These are used for his transportation in the air.

Exhaust Duct Angle Control Unit[]

Activated straight after the wings are used. After the wings extend, the exhaust duct angle starts and builds up a large amount of thrust to allow the vehicle to fly and manuover in any direction.

Glass Visor[]

A bulletproof shield window at the front of the car, it can also extend into a dome for DM and Penfold to be underwater.

High Powered Suction Device[]

Built into the front of the vehicle to vacuum up any broken glass or nails left on the roads and blasts them out from the back of the car.

Video Monitor[]

At the touch of a button this device allows DM and Penfold to communicate directly to Colonel K. It is also used as a navigation system with a voice computer giving the definition of their destination.

Exhaust system[]

The rear of the car has incread exhaust to maintain high speed.

Extension System[]

This apparatus is installed on the inside of the car, it is has a jack that can move the wheels anywhere at any time to use for climing high walls and trees and extends the height to get over places and traps that block the way and to have a better observation of what's ahead.


A speaker that is activating by the microphone from the control panel. It used for addressing criminals surronded by DM or controlling another machine such as a robot pair of killer boots in one particular episode.

The Mark III may be the most sophisticated high vehicle, but it is not the most indestructable. Several times the vehicle has crashed, been burned and scratched resulting in it often needing fixing, a paint job or a respray.

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