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The Martian Misfit is the fifth episode in the first season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon series of "Danger Mouse" that was first broadcasted on ITV in the UK on 12th October 1981.


The greatest evil genius the world has ever known, Baron Silas Greenback, plans to 'borrow, the hardest diamond in the world, "the Eye of Hercules". For with it attached it to his atomic powered mega drill, he can tunnel right into the bank of England. To make sure Dangermouse won't stop him, he has already dispatched his latest invention, the 'Martian Mouse exterminator' to get rid of DM.

Background Music Pieces[]


  • Voices by David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey and Brian Trueman.
  • Music by Mike Harding.
  • Music Production by Richie Close.
  • Written by Mike Harding and Brian Trueman.
  • Animated by Keith Scoble, George Jackson, Robert Newman, Clinton J.Priest, Garry Owen,
    Tony Garth, Stephen Thomas, Jean Flynn, Diane Wren and Meryl Edge.
  • Backgrounds by Malcolm Turner.
  • Paint and Trace by Philip McMylor, Roy Huckerby, Peter Kidd, Monica McCartney and Andrew Wilson.
  • Editing by John McManus.
  • Camera by Frank Hardie and Wendy Hardie.
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.
  • Directed by Brian Cosgrove.
  • A Cosgrove/Hall Production. © 1980.

Copyright Gag[]

Despite this episode being broadcasted in 1981, the roman numerals in the copyright credit reads 'MCMLXXX' as it is dated in 1980.


  • Recording date: 1980.