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The Mystery of the Lost Chord is the unbroadcasted pilot episode of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated TV cartoon series "Danger Mouse" that was not aired on TV, but was featured as a bonus feature on the "Great Bone Idol" DVD release in 2001.


In this pilot episode, Danger Mouse and Penfold are dispatched to Loch Ness to investigate the theft of bagpipes and increased activity of the Loch Ness Monster. They uncover a plot by Baron Greenteeth (known in later episodes as Baron Greenback) to find "The Lost Chord," a musical note capable of causing great destruction.

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  • This story was re-edited and re-dubbed into the episode of "Who Stole the Bagpipes?".
  • No narrative is included in the episode at all.
  • There are no closing credits featured at the end of the episode.