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The President is a Fish is the first episode in the first season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated TV cartoon show "Avenger Penguins" which has been first transmitted on ITV in the UK on 22nd September 1993.


Doom is going to replace the president with a clone. Marlon and Rocky are captured running into Doom's tower and the two of them with the president are turned into fish, but Bluey comes to their aid.

Background Music Bits[]

Voice Talents[]


  • A Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall Film.
  • Voices by Mike McShane, Jimmy Hibbert and Rob Rackstraw.
  • Written by Jimmy Hibbert.
  • Original Music by Phil Bush.
  • Vocals by Paul Young.
  • Storyboard by Ian Whitworth.
  • Design by Andy Roper, Jon Doyle, Maggie Riley, Alistair Fell and Mike Whaite.
  • Layout by Tom Bailey.
  • Backgrounds by Maggie Riley, Beverley Bush and Pete Hiller.
  • Colourist: Joan Jones.
  • Xerox and Registration by Tony McAleese.
  • Paint and Trace by Colour Crew.
  • Key Animation by Claire Grey, Alastair Fell, Meryl Edge,
    John Offord, Mair Thomas, Michael Whaite and Ian Whitworth.
  • Assistant Animation by Judy Pilsbury, Craig Whittle, Jennie Langley,
    Tim Window, Helen Michael Bill Tapp, Alan Lee Moult and Les Brooksbank.
  • Business and Finance Manager: Phil Slattery.
  • Production Co-ordinator: Laura Cosgrove.
  • Camera by Pete Kidd and Phil Atack.
  • Video Line Test by Phil Atack.
  • Film Editing by Flix.
  • Dubbing Mixed by John Wood.
  • Digital Dubbing Editors: Darren Cox and Simon Hall.
  • Directed by Jean Scott.
  • Commissioning Executive for Granada Television: Edward Pugh.
  • Produced by Ben Turner.
  • Production by Cosgrove Hall Productions for Granada Television.
  • © Granada Television 1993.