The Weasels are a fierce gang of crooks always making trouble for the River Bankers and Wild Wooders. They are lead by the fierce Chief Weasel and most of their main objectives are to swindle Toad out of his wealth and home, which they nearly achieve occasionally until Mole, Rat and Badger see through their tricks and stop them.

The Wind In The Willows
The Wind In The Willows Title
Media: 1983 Film | TV Series

Characters: Toad | Mole | Rat | Badger | Chief Weasel | Weasel Henchman | The Weasels | Bert | Otter | Portly | Billy Rabbit | Auberon Mole | Thomas | Alfred | Reggie & Rosemary | Alfred | Mrs Carrington-Moss | The Seafarer | Isambard Bilbone Toad | The Jailer's Daughter | The Policeman

Locations: Toad Hall | The River Bank | Mole End | The Wild Wood

Vehicles: Toad's Motorcar | Toad's Motorcycle | Rat's Boat