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The Wild, Wild Goose Chase is the first episode in the fourth season of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon series of "Danger Mouse" that was first debuted in five parts on ITV in the UK from 3rd to 7th January 1983.


Having just missed catching Baron Greenback in Tokyo, Dangermouse gets hold of the villain's digital hideout locater (disguised as a book). Using this device, DM and Penfold take a tour of the Baron's various hideouts hidden all around the world.

Background Music Bits[]


  • Voices by David Jason, Terry Scott, Edward Kelsey and Brian Trueman.
  • Written by Brian Trueman.
  • Music by Mike Harding.
  • Music Production by Richie Close.
  • Storyline & Storyboard by Keith Scoble.
  • Animated by Jean Flynn and Meryl Edge.
  • Backgrounds by Malcolm Turner and Diane Wren.
  • Paint and Trace by Philip McMylor, Roy Huckerby, Peter Kidd, Monica McCartney and Andrew Wilson.
  • Editing by John McManus.
  • Camera by Frank Hardie and Wendy Hardie. 
  • Produced by Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall.
  • Directed by Brian Cosgrove.
  • A Cosgrove/Hall Production. © 1980.

Copyright Gag[]

Despite this episode being broadcasted in 1983, the roman numerals in the copyright credit reads 'MCMLXXX' as it is dated in 1980.


  • This was the first episode of a programme to start Children’s ITV, as Part 1 was the first thing featured in the very first lineup on 3 January 1983!
  • Recording date: 1980.