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Tin Top is a big and powerful NASCAR. He often takes his corners too fast and wide and regularly ends up in either the sand trap, the tyre wall, or the mud, generally in a tangled heap of disconnected parts. He sports the number 88. Like Maxi, Tin Top can make flames come out of his tailpipes. He speaks in a mock-American



Voice Actors []

  • Peter Kay (UK)
  • Kerry Shale (US)

Trivia []

  • Tin Top has musophobia, which is the fear of mice.
  • Tin Top is very ticklish.
  • His paint scheme closely resembles real life NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett from 1996 - 2000
  • He holds the record for the longest tire mark on the Silver Hatch race track.
  • Mr Carburettor sometimes mixes up his name such as calling him "tick tock".