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Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime
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David Jason Jimmy Hibbert Edward Kelsey Brian Trueman


6th September 1991-29th December 1992

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Count Duckula


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Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime was aired from 1992-1992. It gave the french bandits who first appeared in Count Duckula as antromorphised birds called Gaston and Pierre their own spin off series. The story line is based on the two bandits with their English based robbing business "Naughtiness International" being hired by criminals to steal something. Victor would come up with a plan to achieve their success in the robbery, but it always goes wrong when Hugo messes it up. The episodes always ended with the criminals being caught and taken to prison.

Cast of Characters[]

  • Victor (Voiced by Jimmy Hibbert)
  • Hugo (Voiced by David Jason)
  • Interpoll (Voiced by David Jason)
  • Lord Hobbies-Suttclyffe
  • Lady Hobbies-Suttclyffe
  • Monsieur Meccaneaux


Thirty episodes of this series were produced:

Series 1 (1991)[]

  1. Panda-Monium!
  2. Spacial Event
  3. Water Boobies
  4. Cowboys and Indiscipline
  5. Hyp-Not-Isn't
  6. Auto-Manic Transmission
  7. The Hole Truth and Nothing...
  8. The Case of the Vose Vase
  9. Dummy Run
  10. Scout's Dishonour
  11. Escort Red-Handed
  12. Private Ears
  13. Blunder on the Orient Express

Series 2 (1992)[]

  1. Acting the Goat
  2. Artful Dodgers
  3. Is There a Doctor in the House?
  4. Woof and Tumble
  5. Treasure Haunt
  6. Tempers Fugit
  7. French Exchange
  8. The Poultry-Geist
  9. Jester Moment
  10. Stone Me!
  11. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Dolt
  12. Pie in the Sky
  13. Unstable Fable
  14. The Hound of the Hobbes-Sutclyffes
  15. Yule Be Sorry
  16. But Me No Butlers
  17. Do-In Yourself