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Water Boobies is the third episode of Cosgrove Hall's 2D animated cartoon TV series of "Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime" that was broadcasted on ITV in the UK on 20th September 1991.


After watching a news report from Alex McBackpack about a pirate galleon that sank near the Isle of Lucy off the Azores in 1486, the brothers travel there for themselves with an inflatable boat named "The Tub"; after adding a compressed air capsule to it to increase it to full size, Victor initially goes diving for the sunken treasure in a scuba diving suit but does not succeed, so Hugo tries it instead in a deep-sea diving one (but when Victor becomes tired while operating the air pump, he accidentally turns its handle the other way and ends up shrinking Hugo). However, after Hugo is returned to his original size, both brothers initially appear to have found the treasure after Hugo's suit gets burst by a seagull - but it is then revealed that they actually landed in a giant claw machine.

Background Music Cues[]

"The Chase Continues" (KPMK 1329. Track 13) by Dick Walter.


  • Isle of Lucy is a pun on the sitcom "I Love Lucy."
  • Edward kelsey is credited in this episode but does not appear, in direct contrast to season two's "French Exchange."


  • Voices: David Jason, Brian Trueman, Jimmy Hibbert, Edward Kelsey
  • Written by Brian Trueman
  • Original Music by Dave Roylance
  • Design: Andy Roper, Jon Doyle, Paul Salmon, Stephen Simpson, Jez Hall
  • Supervised by Ben Turner
  • Layout: Jose Maria Zumel, Richardo Machuca, Miguel Angel Aisa
  • Storyboard: Keith Scoble
  • Special Effects: Carlos Alfonso
  • Backgrounds: Milagros Banares, Conchi Echare, Roberto Garica, Miguel Angel Gil, David Jariaz, Higashi Taruma
  • Supervised by Carlos Alfonso
  • Key Animators: Mariano Rueda, Eduard Sasu, Bujor Stefanesou, Valentin Cain, Manuel G. Galina, Carmen Sanchez, Ignaclo Amero, Valentin Domenech, Vicente Rodriguez, Paca Morena, Maria Elena Marquez, Pedro Jose Molina, Juan Antonio Serrano, Luis Varela, Francisco Tena, Angel Jariego, Fernando Jariego, Pedro Delgado, Pedro Jorge Gil, Berglo Alfonso, Angel Garica, Jose Luis Torres, Manuel Sirgo, Baltesar Pedrosa, Fernando Gallart
  • Assistant Animators: Sanda Sasu, Julio Altozano, Maria Luisa Ruls, Luis Amor, Armando Berdones, Borja Montoro, Maria Morellio, Fernando Ollero, Angel Marceno, Mercedes Manzanvo, Jesus Albiol, Juan, Jose Mora, Maria Isabel Fernandez
  • Checkers: Carmen G. Sangrador, Maribel Lopez
  • Colourst: Joan Jones
  • Cel Painters: Herminia Burgaleta, Concha Calabuig, Valentín Caín, Pedro Delgado, Tere Diego, Valentín Doménech, Conchi Echave, Isabel Fernández, Maite Garcia, Julia García, Julio A. García, David Jaraiz, Pilar Quesada, Mari Carmen Rivan, Evelia Rodriguez, Eduard Sasu, José Luis Torres, Antonia Ucar, Ángeles Vacas, Luis Varela, José María Zumel
  • Xerox: Alex Alphonso, Jose Luis Aisa, Maria Rodriguez, Julio Angel Garica, Agustin Sepulveda
  • Camera: Victorio González, Guillermon Rodriguez
  • Video Line Test: Eva Maria Montera
  • Film Editor: Nibs Senior
  • Sound Effects Editor: Bob Ashton
  • Dubbing Mixer: John Wood
  • Animation Dirctor: Carlos Alfonso
  • Pre-Production Co-ordinator: Ed Williams
  • Production Controller: Julio Diez
  • Post Production Manager: Chris Phillips
  • Executive Producer: John Hambley
  • Directed by Brian Cosgrove
  • A Brian Cosgrove and Mark Hall Production
  • Cosgrove Hall
  • © Cosgrove Hall Productions Ltd. MCMXCI


  • Recording date: February 25, 1991.